Opening Speech

Progress of the Cement Chemistry – the Last Hundred Years and Next
Mr. Fred Glasser and Mrs. Karen Scrivener


1. Process Technology and Clinker Chemistry

  • The Cement Industry on the Way to a Low Carbon Industry
    Mr. Martin Schneider
  • Alternative fuels: Effects on Clinker Process and Properties
    Mr. Anjan Chatterjee

2. Hydration, Structure and Thermodynamics of Portland Cements

  • Advances in Understanding Cement Hydration Mechanisms
    Mrs. Karen Scrivener
  • Application of Thermodynamic Modelling to Hydrated Cements
    Mrs. Barbara Lothenbach
  • Advances in Characterizing and Understanding the Microstructure of Cementitious Materials
    Mr. Paulo Monteiro

3. Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs)

  • Supplementary Cementitious Materials: New Sources, Characterization, and Performance

    Mrs. Maria Juenger
  • CReactivity of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) in Cement Blends
    Mr. Jørgen Skibsted
  • Fly ash and slag
    Mr. Zbigniew Giergiczny

4. Other Binders and their Application

  • Recent Progress in Low-Carbon Binders
    Mr. Caijun Shi
  • Hybrid Binders: A Journey from the Past to a Sustainable Future (Opus Caementicium Futurum)
    Mr. Angel Palomo
  • Advances in Understanding Ye’elimite-rich Cements
    Mr. Mohsen Ben Haha

5. Chemical Admixtures and Fresh Concrete (Fresh and Hardened Concrete)

  • Recent Advance of Chemical Admixtures in Concrete
    Mr. Liu Jiaping
  • Rheological Properties of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete – An Overview
    Mr. Kamal Khayat
  • Digital Concrete: A Review
    Mr. Robert Flatt
  • Properties of Early-age Concrete Relevant to Cracking in Massive Concrete
    Mr. Ippei Maruyama
  • Recent Advances on Yield Stress and Elasticity of Fresh Cement-based Materials
    Mr. Nicolas Roussel

6. Concrete Durability

  • Concrete Durability: Recent Advances and Next Steps
    Mr. Mike Thomas
  • Durability, Service Life Prediction, and Modelling for Reinforced Concrete Structures – Review and Critique
    Mr. Mark Alexander
  • Crack-altered Durability Properties and Performance of Structural Concretes
    Mr. Kefei Li
  • Carbonation as a Method to Improve Climate Performance for Cement Based Material
    Mr. Ronny Andersson
  • Toward the Prediction of Pore Volumes and Freeze-Thaw Performance of Concrete Using Thermodynamic Modelling
    Mr. Jason Weiss

7. Testing Methods – Standardization and New Approach

  • Future Directions for Design, Specification, Testing, and Construction of Durable Concrete Structures
    Mr. Doug Hooton
  • Rethinking Cement Standards: Opportunities for a Better Future
    Mr. Vanderley John
Download "The proposed list of the opening and keynote lectures" in a PDF version here.