Full Papers

Language of paper

The paper must be submitted in English.

Template for preparing full papers

Instructions about the margins, the fonts, the layout of the titles, etc. is shown in the template that can be downloaded by clicking here.

Important: DO NOT include the title of the paper, the list of authors and institutions, and the abstract in the full paper file. Include only a body of the full paper. The paper title, the author details, and the abstract will be automatically generated using the information previously provided to register the abstract and will be automatically added in the proceedings. You will see these items in the text boxes in the on-line submission form when you are submitting a full paper and you will be able to edit them.

Length of the paper

The doc(x) file containing the body of the paper should not be more than 10 A4 pages (including pictures, tables and graphs). 

Method of submission

The on-line full paper submission form will be open in August 2018.

Submission deadline

The deadline for submitting full papers is October 31, 2018.