Extended Abstracts

Accepted full papers will be included in the ICCC 2019 Proceedings, which will be published electronically on a USB memory stick. We are glad to inform you that the hard copy Book of Abstracts will be published along with the Proceedings. The Book of Abstracts will consist of extended abstracts of all accepted full papers.

All authors of accepted papers are invited to submit extended abstracts of their full papers. Extended abstracts will be published in a printed Book of Abstracts.

It is not obligatory to submit an extended abstract. If you do not submit an extended abstract, the abstract that is part of your full paper will be automatically included in the Book of Abstracts.

If you are interested in submitting an extended abstract, please see detailed information below.

Detailed information on submission of extended abstracts

  • To submit an extended abstract please:
    - log in at https://guarant.topinfo.cz/iccc2019/en/user-zone
    - click on the link “Contribution list - upload a full paper” which is in the box “Contributions”
    - click on the link “Extended abstract form”
  • An extended abstract can be longer than the abstract included in the full paper. In addition, an extended abstract can contain one figure with a caption.
  • The text of the extended abstract together with the title, list of authors and institutions, the figure and the figure caption have to fit in on one A4 page, font size 10 points.
  • The resolution of the uploaded image should be 300 dpi or higher.
  • After the image is uploaded, its resolution will be automatically set to 300 dots per inch (dpi), which is most suitable for printing. Do not use images with resolution lower than 300 dpi. In particular, do not use web graphics, screenshots or pictures cut and pasted direct from web pages. These images are usually only 72 dpi, which looks fine on a monitor, but when printed with resolution 300 dpi, they will be too small and will look poor.
  • It is only possible to modify the full paper (to make changes to the text or to modify a list of authors) before submitting an extended abstract. At the moment when you submit an extended abstract, the full paper (including the title and the list of authors and affiliations) will be locked and it will not be possible to edit it any longer.
  • Please submit your extended abstract as soon as possible on 28th August at the latest.
  • If you have any questions please contact iccc2019-abstracts-papers@guarant.cz